5 Budget-Friendly Hobbies That are Fun for Anyone

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Looking for some fun new hobbies to add to your skill set but also looking to stay within a tight budget? Hobbies are important for relieving stress, but they shouldn’t cause you to stress about money. Here are five ways you can pick up new skills without putting a dent in your savings.

1) Discover a New Sport

Exercise can give you more energy and help you feel happier. So, why not spend some time learning how to play a new sport? Whether you prefer to play alone or as a team, there is a sport that is right for you. You can pick up tennis, golf, or swimming as an active hobby, and you can even save money on new sports equipment. Look for ways to keep costs down by using online promo codes, coupons, and cashback offers.

2) Pick Up a New Instrument

Music adds so much spice to our everyday lives, and you can take your love of music one step further by learning to play an instrument. Use promo codes to save on your instrument and sheet music purchases at retailers like Amazon. Once you have what you need, you can learn at home with online tutorials, go to group classes or look for discounted lessons and coupons through sites like Groupon. Want an even less expensive way to make music? Work on your singing game for an instrument-free way to immerse yourself in music.

3) Relax with Arts and Crafts

Another creative way to reduce stress and keep your hobby costs down is to get into arts and crafts. You can make art out of anything, from painting watercolors to creating sculptures out of literal garbage. You can also get the art supplies you need, such as brushes, paper, and paint, without maxing out your budget. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to pay full price at craft stores like Michaels with all the online promo codes and coupons available. Many of these stores offer low-cost classes to help you improve your skills, but you can also learn valuable tips online.

4) Grow a Container Garden

If you’ve been itching to get your green thumb dirty, but have been concerned about costs that container gardens may be your best option. Retailers like Home Depot have sales and deals online and they also have plenty of container options to fit any home size. You can also use items around your home — such as colanders, buckets, and even pots — to grow your own little garden of flowers, plants, or edibles. Still, make sure you look for promo codes or discount offers to help you save on soil, seeds, and other gardening supplies. While you’re online, try looking for easy gardening tips to get your green dreams started.

5) Get Creative with Makeup

You’re probably wondering how makeup can be a hobby? However, if you’ve been paying attention to social media, you know that influencers have turned makeup application into a multi-faceted, expressive skill. You can pick up tips to enhance your everyday look or get really creative with some special effects makeup. Best of all, there are plenty of drug-store and bargain-beauty brands to help you keep your cosmetic game on point. You can also easily find in-store and in-app coupon codes for stores like Sephora, where you can pick up makeup at any price point. Many stores also offer free classes or you can just look up tutorials online to help kill some stress putting together some fierce makeup looks.

Convert your Hobby into a Business

Many hobbyists are looking to put their business savvy into converting a part-time hobby into full-time revenue. If your personal and professional goals align, you could have the ultimate career: doing what you love. The starting point is often researching your market and defining your audience. Once that pencils out, it’s time to review the legal requirements for starting a business in your state.

There are a dozen potential business structures, but one that is very popular with the hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur community is the LLC. Attractive for its tax benefits, security, and ease of set up, there are still a number of steps required to establish a bonafide business. Luckily a formation service can assist with the process and is substantially less expensive than hiring an attorney.

There are tons of ways to save on the supplies you need to pick up new skills, and you can pick up lessons online or with friends. Don’t let your budget hold you back from learning a hobby!

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