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What does it mean to live your best life? The answer will be different depending on who you are and what stage you are currently in. Regardless of how you envision an ideal existence, there are a few common steps you can take to get there. Eating right, exercising, being positive, and learning to love without inhibitions are universal ways to care for yourself so that you can create the best version of you there is. Here’s some helpful tips and advice to get you started, brought to you by psychotherapist Shushan Khachatryan.

Eat right all the time.

As the Wildly Healthy Coaching blog points out, eating better does not mean changing your lifestyle all at once. Instead, a healthy diet, like achieving your goals, starts with small steps. You might, for example, plant a garden in 2021 instead of buying all of your produce at the grocery store. If this isn’t an option, plan to get your fruits and vegetables from local farmers, which typically follow organic farming practices — meaning your food has fewer chemicals. Start each day with breakfast, and don’t shy away from energy-boosting snacks, which will keep you physically and mentally ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Don’t neglect your oral health.

At the end of a long day, you may be tempted to crash into bed without brushing or flossing your teeth. Don’t let that happen! Not only is tooth decay and gum disease linked to problems such as heart disease, they can also cause you to experience mental health issues such as depression. So, make sure you develop an oral health routine that you can stick to. If crooked or misaligned teeth are making it difficult to keep your teeth clean, there are at-home options available that can correct this problem in as little as three months. Byte, for example, offers clear plastic teeth aligners that straighten crooked teeth without the need for multiple trips to your dentist’s office. But don’t let that scare you; your progress is monitored remotely by a team of qualified professionals, ensuring you still get top-notch treatment. However, it’s important to note that extreme cases may require oral surgery.

Find fun in your fitness routine.

Many people sadly look at working out as a chore rather than a fun and often family-oriented activity. Let go of this notion, and open your mind to looking at fitness as playtime instead. The best way to enjoy physical activity is to go outside. Hike, swim, bike, or work in the garden. The more time you spend outdoors (even digging in the dirt), the more vitamin D, sunshine, and exercise you’ll get.

Can’t always get outside? Start a fitness routine using your phone, TV, or other smart device. If it’s time to upgrade, your wireless provider might have a special offer, so check online so you’re not stressing over money when you’re trying to enjoy a fitness routine. This will allow you to download apps and stream videos seamlessly, which can cut out some of the frustration of getting acclimated to a new routine. You can also use your phone to cast YouTube workout videos straight to your television.

Prioritize positivity.

Life is not always peaches and cream. But life is what you make it. Look for ways to add a dose of positivity to each day. Start by evaluating the space in which you live. If your home or apartment feels cramped and unclean, open the windows and purge all the things you no longer need. Redfin asserts that booting out bad energy can also relieve tension, which is especially important if the members of your family are already arguing and overly critical for no apparent reason.

Positivity does not only come from your environment but from within, as well. If you want to truly live your very best life, you have to work on yourself. Thrive Global recommends paying attention to your body language, letting yourself go blank for a moment, and finding a creative outlet for negative thoughts.

Love without fear.

For most adults, our mental and physical health doesn’t feel fully complete unless we are comfortable loving the people around us without restrictions. This could be a lover, a best friend, or a child. Unfortunately, many of us are afraid to let our guard down, despite strong personal bonds. But love is a basic human need and a physical and emotional drive. Learn to love yourself and others without fear or inhibitions, and you just may find that each day is that much brighter.

Being happy, healthy, and whole is largely influenced by how you treat yourself. Fuel your body like the temple it is, enjoy your exercise routine, and be positive and loving to yourself and those around you. Other healthy habits will fall into place, and you will soon be living your very best life. The best part is that it won’t be forced, but a natural progression that starts with a positive attitude and ends and a better you.

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